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Go Green

The “Go Green” slogan symbolizes Makita’s commitment to continually providing new value as a comprehensive international supplier of tools. We hope to always remain a company that maintains a steady eye on society, challenging ourselves to create a “sustainable recycling-oriented society” that combines the environment with the economy.
Makita’s slogan is “live green & grow strong”.

go green

Environmental Activities

As a global supplier of a comprehensive range of power tools it is vital that we consider the environmental impact of our lifestyle and recognize that environmental issues concern us directly. The entire Makita Group is working to create a sustainable recycling-oriented society that combines the environment with the economy by reviewing our business activities and lifestyles from the ground up.

We have established long-term goals for saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and we are implementing activities to preserve the environment. Our products include power tools that use lightweight, long-life lithium-ion batteries, and we will continue to develop products that are friendly to both users and the environment.

Lithium-ion eXtreme Technology (LXT)

LXT logo

A lithium-ion battery features high voltage, high energy density and low self-discharge. It is also lightweight and compact and has high energy efficiency. LXT achieves rapid charging and a long life cycle through the combination of a lithium-ion battery and the Optimum Charging System.

Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT)

AVT logo
AVT is a technology that minimizes the vibration coming from the tool to the operator’s hands. A built-in dynamic vibration absorber reduces the vibration by counteraction and decreases discomfort to the operator.

Makita Mini 4-Stroke Engine (MM4)

MM4 logo
MM4 is a small 4-stroke engine. As a 4-stroke engine, it features high fuel efficiency and clean exhaust emission. It is also as small and powerful as a conventional 2-stroke engine.

Energy Star

Energy Star logo
Energy star recognizes a wide range of products for being energy efficient and environmentally friendly, including home electrical appliances, industrial machines and computers, if these products meet the Energy star requirement, they are allowed to display the Energy Star logo.

Makita chargers (ex. DC18RC, DC18SD etc) use less energy than other chargers, so they have qualified for Energy Star certification.

Terminated production of engine-powered equipment

Accelerated the replacement of engine-powered products with cordless products. Terminated the production of engine-powered equipment to help promote decarbonization. Engine-powered equipment may still be available to markets until stocks are exhausted.

Makita promotes environmental management with the aim of achieving both environmental protection and sustainable business growth. We have been further strengthening our efforts by positioning contributing to decarbonization and a resource-circulating society as our material issues.
For details of Makita’s environmental commitments, please refer to its Environmental Report.

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