Makita | MAK/UR3000 | Electric String Trimmer 300mm
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Makita | MAK/UR3000 | Electric String Trimmer 300mm


Compact and handy lawn trimmer for application in home and garden. The trimmer is perfectly suitable for trimming small areas and Ausputzarbeiten. Its power is 450 W and the maximum cutting width is 300 mm. The handle is rotating and adjustable and the adjustment of the working height is not possible without tools.

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About this item – MAK/UR3000

  • Can be used as an edger
  • Slide type lock-off switch for safe operation
  • Adjustable pipe shaft – Simply by touching the button, the length can be adjusted to the user’s height by up to 240mm.
  • Motorhead rotates 180º
  • Strain relief on the main handle prevents the extension cord from disconnecting
  • Easy-to-remove/ install spool assembly
  • Dual-cord cutting (using both ends of a nylon cord 8m in length and 1.65mm in diameter.
  • Bump & Feed cord feeding system Nylon cord can be fed by tapping the spool end on the ground.

Item Includes with MAK/UR3000

Nylon Trimmer Head, Shoulder Strap, Extension Cord with lock, Safety Goggles.

Technical Specification of MAK/UR3000

Continues Rating Input 450W
Cutting width 300mm (11-3/4″)
No-load speed (rpm) 9,000
Dimensions 1,016~1,256 x 301 x 262mm (40~49-1/2″ x 11-7/8″ x 10-3/8″)
(L x W x H) 1,490mm x 300mm x 485mm
Net weight 2.6kg (5.7lbs)
Power supply cord 0.3m (1.0ft)
More Details: Laminate trimmers evolved, as their name suggests, as a specialized tool for that particular trade. Veneers are typically cut oversize before being laminated to their wooden substrates, a laminate trimmer equipped with a bearing-guided flush trimming bit can be used to cut the veneer to its final size, the bearing guides the bit around the outside edge of the wood substrate, making a clean cut exactly along the edge, laminate trimmers excel at this task due to their lightweight and one-handed operation, laminate trimmers have evolved to the point where they are essentially fully functional miniature routers. Apart from trimming and flushing, they can be used for jointing, rounding edges, chamfering, routing grooves and dados, dovetails, even mortise and tenons.
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