Makita B-04400
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About This Item

For ModelLength (mm)Pcs/PkgPart No.
AT425B4 x 105,000B-04400
AT425B4 x 135,000B-04416
AT425B4 x 165,000B-04422
AT425B4 x 195,000B-04438
AT425B4 x 225,000B-04444
AT425B4 x 255,000B-04450
AT1025B10 x 105,000B-04466
AT1025B10 x 135,000B-04472
AT1025B10 x 165,000B-04488
AT1025B10 x 195,000B-04494
AT1025B10 x 225,000B-04503
AT1025B10 x 255,000B-04519
AT1225BZ12 x 105,000B-04525
AT1225BZ12 x 125,000B-04531
AT1225BZ12 x 145,000B-04547
AT1225BZ12 x 165,000B-04553
AT1225BZ12 x 185,000B-04569
AT1225BZ12 x 205,000B-04575
AT1225BZ12 x 255,000B-04581

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1 x18mm, 1 X25mm, 10x10mm, 10x13mm, 10x16mm, 10x19mm, 10x22mm, 10x25mm, 12x10mm, 12x12mm, 12x14mm, 12X16mm, 12x20mm, 4 x 16mm, 4X10mm, 4X13mm, 4x19mm, 4x22mm, 4x25mm

Pack Size

5,000 Pcs/Pkg


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